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bill_fleur's Journal

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1. Under NO circumstances will bashing of Bill or Fleur be allowed. This should be obvious but there are some mightily stupid people out there and trolls (who shouldn't even count as people). If you're really stupid enough to come to a Bill/Fleur community and bash either of them then you will be banned.

2. No actor/actress bashing. Clemence Poesy in particular. This results in automatic banning.

3. Do not bash other characters or ships. You get one warning for this and then you are banned.

4. When posting icons, do not post more than three icons outside of a cut. An lj-cut goes as follows: [*lj-cut text="text goes here..."]{pictures/longer text}[*/lj-cut].

(Just remove the stars and replace the [ ] for <> for a successful cut.)

5. Fanart, Fanfiction, Fanvids, and Fanmixes are very welcome and have a special set of rules in the next section. Please read it before posting your fics, art, or videos.

6. If you see a troll, have fun blasting macros at them until a moderator bans them.

7. If you start a flamewar or attempt to start a flamewar, you will be banned, mocked, and have macros posted to you to show you how much fail you are made of.

Please make sure to contact a moderator if you see someone breaking one of these rules or if you notice a troll.

the four f's

Fanfiction is always welcome but please make sure to use the form below when posting. Even the LJ cut is provided for you if you don't know how to use them.

Fanfiction MUST focus on Bill/Fleur.

As with fanfiction, we love to see fanart but ask you to make sure you use the form below. The LJ cut and the coding to add your picture is already included for you.

Fanvids are great as well and we encourage you to post them. We don't require you to put them behind a cut so there isn't one included in the text box below, but if you'd like to include a cut, I'm sure the people with slower connections will thank you for it. Even if the video was not created by you and you're just reccing it, please use the form anyway.

Fanmixes are a lot of fun and it's a great way to introduce people to new music. These posts MUST be friends locked or they will be deleted.

There is a final handy box to help you post your fanmix.

*With any of these boxes, feel free to add more information if you think it's necessary.


livre_de_lamour - A two-writer Bill/Fleur RPG community that tells their story from the day they meet.
teddy_victoire - A community for fanfic, art, and discussion about Teddy Lupin/Victoire Weasley.
loonybottom - A community for fanfic, art, and discussion about Neville Longbottom/Luna Lovegood.

If you'd like to affiliate with bill_fleur check out this post.


draconic_rogue - YM: black_fury27
gryffinclaw - YM: gryff_claw

The moderators can also be contacted at bill.fleur@gmail.com.

We now have a Page-A-Mod post put up as well that we encourage you to use if you ever need to contact a moderator for any reason. You can find that post here.


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