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27 January 2009 @ 12:16 pm
Announcing the 2009 Weasley Fest- Join us in the Celebration!!!  

It's that time again!

I am extremely proud to announce that sign-ups for the 2009 weasley_fest will officially open on Sunday, February 1st!

We are a gift exchange fest designed to celebrate our love of the Weasley family throughout the month of July! Our goal is to encourage the creation of fan fiction and fan art that focuses on all of the individuals who make up the whole of this wonderful Wizarding family.

Last year, many of you joined together from different corners of the fandom in order to make the First Annual Weasley Fest a rousing success. I am extremely hopeful that you will once again join in our celebration of this exceptional wizarding family!


Sign-ups will run from Sunday, February 1st- Friday, February 20th
Assignments will be mailed out no later than Sunday, March 1st.
Assignments will be due by June 13th.
Submissions will be posted throughout the month of July.


Any questions can be directed to weasley_festmod, or can be emailed to weasley_fest@yahoo.com

Please spread the word, and I look forward to seeing you all at the sign-ups!