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10 February 2008 @ 02:40 am
Announcing the First Annual Weasley Fest!!!  
Thank you very much to the mods for giving me their kind permission to post this here:)

Announcing the first annual weasley_fest, a gift exchange fest designed to celebrate our love of the Weasley family throughout the month of July! Our goal is to encourage the creation of fan fiction and fan art that focuses on all of the individuals who make up the whole of this wonderful Wizarding family.

We will be opening to sign-ups on Sunday, February 10th and will run until Friday, February 29th.
Assignments will be mailed out to the participants by the first week of March and will be due by June 21st.
All submissions will be posted throughout the month of July.
Please check out our Community by clicking on the banner Portkey above for our Rules and more information.

Sign-ups are now open until February 29.

I hope to see you all there:)